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Faceted search page filtering by properties containing white spaces

Question asked by douglascrp Moderator on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by douglascrp

I am playing with the faceted search page, and I have found that when the property's value containg white spaces, the facet filter does not work.

When I first observed this behavior, I thought it was only for my custom properties, but then I observed that it also happens for OOTB properties.


Taking the author property as an example, if the author is Administrator, it works perfectly, but if the author is Douglas Paes, it doesn't work.


Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this and also how to add new ones?


I have found the following blog post Pavel Makhov 

In it, the author adds a new facet using the format 

facetQName: "{}typeName.__.u",

Does this make sense?


One can't add such properties by using the Search Manager form.


I hope someone can shed some light on the topic.


Thank you.