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custom for error page keys

Question asked by taylorjackson on Apr 20, 2017



I am working through a customisation to the file in order to alter the error page error500.jsp found here: src/main/webapp/error500.jsp. What I would like to do is alter the error message on the page to have custom content to fit my organisation. More specifically, I want to update the message property page.error.500.detail. The problem I have encountered is although other property values I change are reflected after restarting my repo/share (ex. button.login on login page), the error page properties stay the same.


I am using a share-amp 5.1.2 and have added error500.jsp to my project at the path src/amin/amp/web/error500.jsp and able to make successful modifications to the file. I have removed the logo and the background image for example.


How I get to an error page is by navigating to: http://localhost:8081/share/page/context/shared/thispagdoesntexist but the properties values remain the same after edit to page.error.500.detail in my custom 


Attached are my customisations and the slingshot.properites file I have added to messages folder can be found here: share/ at f075551ce9a731ca408af117e4b2a4958b30499d · Alfresco/share · GitHub 



Thank you for your help!