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start activiti with message start event

Question asked by arag on Apr 24, 2017
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I have a simple model bpmn (start message and two tasks  ), the problem is that i dont know how to start the flow with a message,


i worked with JMS and now i can get the message and all the data that i need but how i can start the flow with my message ??? what is the secret ?? O.O jajaja


Please i need help


ProcessInstance startProcessInstanceByMessage(String messageName); ProcessInstance startProcessInstanceByMessage(String messageName, Map<String, Object> processVariables); ProcessInstance startProcessInstanceByMessage(String messageName, String businessKey, Map<String, Object> processVariables);


The "String messageName" is my message or the name of my process? or the message property "name" in bpmn diagram? 

How i can pass to activiti all the email data?


Thats my problem... sorry if this sounds silly 


(Ji My english is bad cause i speak spanish and im practicing o.o )


Thanks for your time