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Put history go back button in faceted search page

Question asked by riya.soni42 on Apr 25, 2017


When I am searching anything from alfresco advanced search page by filling out metadata form fields from selected content type, then I will switch to result page,


Now on that page I want to put "back to advanced search" button which will switch to advanced search page and keep that meta data form fields values as it is, same like in the case of "Keyword Box".

So, now I have put button widget in faceted-search.get.js and give targetURL="advsearch" then it will transfer to advanced search page, but no history is there in meta data from fields.

So, if I want to add any button in that page write a code like window.history.back() on button click, so how can I achieve it.

Please give me any suggestion or idea.

Thanks in advance.