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Slow response time when loading or saving a document

Question asked by ethan.wong on Apr 27, 2017
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Hi all,


I am quite new to Alfresco and our organisation had pilot using Alfresco Community ECM with four or the 11 branches across the country.  We have one of the branch among the 4 where users of that branch are experiencing slow response time.  I have witness this happening on 2 occassions


1.  when a user is opening a MS Word document through "edit online" from Alfresco Share and the MS Word splash screen is opened and waiting for the document to load.  It appears to take the document around 45-60secs and the file size is less than 100KB.


The other occurence is when a user saves an Excel file directly into the Alfresco file system. It could take between 60-90secs and the file is only 50KB.


Has anyone else encountered these situations and what would be the cause and solution please?


Thanks and regards