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Customising ECM to allow user to view, open, move and save files through Windows explorer file system

Question asked by ethan.wong on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by mehe

Hi all,


I was just wondering how many of the community users had customised their installation to allow their users to view, open, move and save documents by interacting through the windows file explorer (as like the users own c-drive)?


Is this a good idea? If not, why did you not allow it?


The requirement was users work with standard documents templates and they would edit them to record specific client needs.  The user would then need to save these edited documents into the clients respective folders as they would have if they are editing and saving the document in their respective local C-drives.  Are we designing it correctly?  Does anyone else have similar requirements and what would be your suggestion how this should be done?


Much appreciate your feedback or inputs.