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There does Alfresco store all its documents and attachments?

Question asked by gregorywest on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by janv

I have a server I am running Alfresco on.  This server has two RAID 1 drive sets, one set is 200GB SSD drives, and the other set is 1TB SATA drives.   What I want to do is have Tomcat, PostgreSQL, etc on the SSD drives, and all the attached/embedded PDF files that are stored in the Alfresco server on the 1TB drive.


The reason for this configuration should be pretty simple, where as I want the speed for moving around in Alfresco and finding the files (PDF, CAD, CAM) I would like the files themselves on something less expensive.  I will sacrifice the speed at accessing the files over the cost of having a huge amount of disc space available.