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Setting local variables in execution which is going to be created next

Question asked by piyush.kaizen on Apr 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by gdharley

Consider that there is a  " Service task A "  which is attached to a parallel gateway then there are two tasks "Service Task B " and "Service task C".

I have marked " Service Task B " , "Service task C" and parallel gateway as Asynchronous.


Therefore a new execution will be created to execute "Service task C" .


Suppose Execution 1 was executing Service Task A and then

Execution 1 started executing Service Task B and

Execution 2 was created and it started executing service task B




How to make execution 2 aware that it was created from execution 1 ?

Similarly while On Join only 1 execution remains then in parallel gateway I want to collect local variables of both execution 2 and execution 1 and perform some operation and make a new variable on the surviving execution 


After service task A I need to dynamically set X = 1 for 1 execution and X = 2.5 for other execution.

If i can set those values in listener of parallel gateway then how can i identify which is old execution and which is new execution .