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CMIS with JavaScript

Question asked by on May 1, 2017

Thanks for allowing me to join the group.
Perhaps you could point me in the correct direction.
Here is what I am trying to accomplish using CMIS with JavaScript and/or one of its libraries (JQuery, AJAX) using REST.
I know this is an Alfredo news group but I figured I would start here because some of the other resources I have tried I was unsuccessful at.
What resources have I tried?
The CMIS Chemistry Apache documentation. I could not get the JavaScript examples to work.
The CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action Book. I have a safarionline subscription. The JavaScript examples did not accomplish what I was looking for.
What tasks am i attempting to accomplish in CMIS, JavaScript, and Apache?
1. How to add a document (.pdf) to a repository.  When I say repository, i mean something similar to a SharePoint Document library list.
2. How to update a document (.pdf) to a repository.
3. How to read metadata from a particular document in the repository.
4. How to update the metadata from a particular document in the repository.
Any recommendations on resources would be appreciated