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Access values in a dynamic table

Question asked by mrahn on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by cjose

Dear community.


Having a dynamic table like this ..


3Consulting Project Ahour50150
1Consulting Projekt Bhour120120
2Consulting Projekt Chour3060




.. I managed to calculate the "Total" column automatically using the formTableFieldValueChanged event.

Additionally I'd like to display to total sum (column "Total") of all rows in a separate text field. In this example the total sum should be 330.


I probably would use the formTableBeforeComplete event that gives me the "field" parameter. With "console.log(field);" I learnt the structure of the dynamic table but fail to read the "value:Array Object" construct:


Methought that someone has done this before and could give an example how to read the values of a dynamic table content.


Best regards