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How can I start a process and get response before arriving to wait state

Question asked by maayanl on May 3, 2017
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I designed a very long and complex WF with up to 30 service tasks at the beginning and then user task.

When I run the WF through Activiti-Explorer the WF run just fine.

But, When I run the WF through Activiti-Rest, I get Internal server error 500.


This phenomenon happened again with WF that start with one service task that last for 3 min and after that there is user task.


I think the problem is that response for "start process" request is not given until WF reach wait state (user task for example) - the connection channel cut after a while without receiving the response.


Am I right?

I yes, How can I avoid it? How can I start a process and get response before arriving to wait state?


This is the request url I use:



"businessKey": "406401",
"processDefinitionId": "virusFound:29:147645",
"name": "IncidentId",
"value": "406381"
"name": "IPHostName",
"value": "sdadas"
"name": "SuspiciousFilePath",
"value": "sadas"
"name": "mail",
"value": "svccyberapp@mnrlab.local"