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[Solved] Opening files in MS Office 2016

Question asked by hanscomps on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by mkamal


I installed a clean Alfresco Community 201704 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu 16.04 using the installer and Basic option.

The only change made was adding "ntlm.authentication.sso.enabled=true" to the configuration file.


Site login etc working as expected.  I can also navigate using Webdav on Windows and Linux clients.

Can navigate AOS using IE, Chrome and Firefox to https://server:8443/alfresco/aos (also http and port 8080). 


Now the problem.  When going to any Office 2016 application and File - Open and the "https" address above I get nothing.  Blank screen, no response.   I can File -> Open the "http" link?


This is the opposite of what the documentation is saying: "Troubleshooting Alfresco Office Services - Error or blank screen when accessing web server"
   If you have not enabled SSL, you might encounter the following error message

   If you are running an old version of Office, you might see nothing after entering the URL in the Office file dialog.


(BTW, I have a production Community 201612 with Apache SSL proxy doing exactly the same). 


EDIT:  Maybe some background.  We had a Sharepoint setup, but the SQL price-tag outgrew our budget  .  Now the company wants the same functionality from Alfresco.   We are 95% there, but still require SSO (no password dialogs), AD sync (already working) and "Edit in Microsoft Office" (our current issue).   For future we are looking into BPM (or at least custom workflows).