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Localization - issues with similar languages

Question asked by ispasojevic on May 9, 2017
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I am using community version 5.1.f and i have already installed language packs for languages like Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Macedonian (tinymce). When I use only Croatian and English, switching between these two languages works perfectly. The problem starts when I uncomment properties files from bootstrap-context.xml that refer on other languages like Slovenian and Macedonian. My bean from bootstrap-context file is:

<bean id="frops-share-amp.resources"


        <property name="resourceBundles">






<!--                 <value>alfresco.web-extension.messages.fropsdcm-module-share-amp_sr</value> -->




<!--                 <value>alfresco.web-extension.messages.slingshot_sr</value> -->





Files that resource boundle read in this case are slingshot_mk_MK and fropsdcm-module-share-amp_sl_SI, one Macedonian and other Slovenian. Browser languages in this case is still Croatian. This is case for both, repo and share amps. 


Is there any issue with these languages or I should use any additional setup for this language support?