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Defaulting the value of a People control on a Form

Question asked by lsharman on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by lsharman

My process flow requires a manager to review an analyst's work and, if changes are needed, the manager can return the case to the same analyst or a different one.  When changes are needed, I'd like to display the analyst's name to the manager and allow them to accept this analyst or select a new one. 


When the analyst is originally assigned the task to do the work, I set a process variable "requestAssignee" and the task to do the work is assigned using that process variable.  This variable contains the id of the user. On my manager form I have a People control that I default to the person associated with the "requestAssignee".  Setting the People control to the value in "requestAssignee" causes the id of the user to be displayed.  If the manager doesn't change the value in the People control, when completing the form, flow proceeds to the do work task but it isn't assigned to anyone. If the manager changes the analyst to a user, that user is properly assigned the do work task.  How can I default a People control to a user so that it displays the user's name and can be used for the task assignment without the manager changing it?


For additional reference, I'm using form mappings to set the value of the analyst in the manager form: