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custom create space in alfreco explorer

Question asked by mahami7641 on May 15, 2017

Hi all,

i have a problem with customize of creating space in alfreco explorer.

I must add some properties in space (such as customerName, bussinessNo, ...) in create-space screen, edit-space screen and detail-space screen.

I added aspects in scModel.xml and my new properties were added in edit-space screen and detail-space screen.

But, new properties have not appeared in create-space screen. I overwrite file create-space-dialog.jsp, but i haven't found any solutions.

Here my code:


<aspect name="sc:webable">
<title>VPB Ext</title>
<property name="sc:customerName">
<property name="sc:bussinessNo">
<property name="sc:passportNo">
<property name="sc:idNo">