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A list of process / task that assigned to you

Question asked by wktham on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by gdharley


In mailbox, we normally see a list of emails send to us and we can configure like what column to show for example, sender, subject, date and etc.


Similarly,  this workflow APS, I have this Merchant Onboarding process, whereby many request coming in to me for review and I will need to go through one by one and take necessary action. At this moment, in Process tab, we can see the process name in the middle of the screen and the detail shown on the right side. Is there anyway to show something like email box, whereby I can view a list of request together will few details  in a tabular mode and with subject field, I may choose a particular request to work on it first. Right now , we need to go through one by one , open the process to see the contents.


Any one got any idea if this is doable? I hope I explain my question clear. Something like in attached 'capture1' screenshot.