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Where is authentication-services-context.xml ? How to set the session timeout policy ?

Question asked by mikefr38 on May 18, 2017
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I want to change the session timeout, and maybe change also the mode (I have seen in other subject that the timeout mode could be AFTER_INACTIVITY, AFTER_FIXED_TIME, or DO_NOT_EXPIRE).


Several subjects here refer to authentication-services-context.xml.

But I cannot find this file in my installation. There is no "authentication-services-context.xml.sample" either.

The version is 5.1.0 (alfresco) and 5.1.f (share).


I am lost.


Also, some other subject suggest to change the tomcat session timeout (in web.xml) but this is not a good solution since web.xml is part of the application and will be overwritten when I update the war. Moreover some users say that it doesn't work.


What should I do ?