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Plug-in in Alfresco

Question asked by soete1111 on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by eugenio_romano

Hi everyone


First I want to say that I'm new to Alfresco. 


I'm doing an internship and I've been asked to develop a plug-in in Alfresco(Java). With the plug-in you should be able to upload a document and save the hash of that document somewhere. I have read through the documentation and made a sample project.


From what I've read there are no plug-ins for Alfresco, only add-ons. I asked what they actually want but nobody in the company is familiar with Alfresco so I'm on my own for this.


Is it achievable for a beginner to write an add-on in Alfresco? If not, is there a possibility to create a simple web application in Alfresco(Java or another language)?