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Integrating Alfresco BPM Services with custom Application

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on May 22, 2017
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    I was evaluating Alfresco process services 1 month trial version by resgistering i find it is very promising and fits most of our requirement. I would like to know some things on integration with existing application which is using spring boot microservices architecture.

1. How to integrate Alfresco process services as spring micro service.

2. How to bring the UI changes so that it fits in to same UI and css we are using for our application.

3. How can develop custom functionalities tweaking the existing form builder stencils or models.

Any Example would help me a lot.

4. Going through developers documents i found a link which say

19. Embed the Activiti app in another application

This has only stated there is a application but where it is we dont know. If you can ge this applicaition it is very helpfull for us.

Thanks & Regards