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Developping alfresco share activit designer extension

Question asked by nabil.malloul on May 23, 2017
I am developing an extension for alfresco share. In this extension I want to set up a 
workflow designer (as the eclipse designer). So I started coding using aikau and dojo
to set up the design of my designer but these two technologies do not allow me to set up
any functionality targeted. Basically what I would like to do is:
1- Create a palette containing items in drag and drop mode
2- A zone where the items will be dropped to draw the workflow diagram
3- Once the diagram is in addition, it would be necessary to be able to define the properties
of each element of workflow (tasks), by clicking on a task it would be necessary that a form
of configuration opens to configure the task.
4-at the end I would like to save the configurations of each task in a json file. 
I thought of using the traditional web language (HTML, CSS, Jquery) to set up my project but
I do not know if I could integrate my project in share. I looked for information on
the subject but I did not find answers that will help me to move forward in my project.
So I'm turning to you to help me figure out the best route to achieve my project.
So if you have any proposals to make me on the languages and technologies to adopt to
carry out my project, I will be very grateful.