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serious date/time problems in Alfresco

Question asked by roli8200 on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by sanjaybandhniya

I recognized some serious date/time problems in Alfresco.


1: Alfresco completely ignores the local timezone. Even when set -Duser.timezone=Europe/Zurich in JAVA_OPTS in, it sets dates always as Zulu (UTC)


2: The informations in: Date and time format | Alfresco Documentation  are partially wrong.

These dates are only applicable for fields like Creation Date or Last Modified Date


3: When I make a custom aspekct with a property of type date, it always sets the wrong date from date picker.

I set (iso) 2017-05-10, the CMIS query for that date field shows me 2017-05-09T22:00.00.000Z (see also #2,#1)

which is completely wrong and a huge problem, specially because this date should be furter processed by downstream processes via CMIS.


Can someone from alfresco please take care of all that problems and fix the date/time processing routines in Alfresco?

I know Oracle/Sun made serious bugs the (in the meantime) several date/time apis in Java, specially the last one in Java 8 

is a declaration of bankruptcy by Oracle.

Maybe some diffrent java apis are in use by diffrent components which are incompatible.