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Updating document properties once the folder is updated

Question asked by zputnoky on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by kgastaldo

Dear All,


In our test case, we got the following demand:

  • Documents are stored in specific folders.
  • Most of the document custom properties are managed on folder level in order to limit the update to be done by the user. Bascially we write the custom property value on the folder level at creation, then created a rule which applies these properties on the document when the document is added to the folder.

The above work well at document creation. However, during the process, some of the folder level properties are updated. The new values should be pushed down to all documents present in that folder.


The idea would be to get the ID of the folder, then check all child objects belonging to the selected folder and update the properties.


Does any one of you know how to do this?


Thanks alot for your help,


Zsolt Putnoky