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Version Control of document in Alfresco

Question asked by on May 30, 2017

Hi All,


There is specific Requirement for my Application


1.I have to upload a file with version .
2.If new file will come so first i have to check the file is already present or not.
3.If it's already there then i have to update the version of the document and content if additional content is there.
4.If it's not there then simply i have to upload the file with default version.
5.If i will delete the file then newer version file should delete and old version file should be visible to user.


I am using a custom upload service for uploading files.




1. How to use version control in custom upload file service(updating the version of the file).
2. How to archive the old version file and if current version file will be deleted then old one should retrieve.


Note - I am using alfresco-5.0.d