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Spring Boot Activiti Rest + LDAP but without using LDAP authentication

Question asked by sayantan_sinha on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by dougjohnson

I am new to activiti bpm (5.22.0 version 5.17.0 activiti-rest) and am using spring boot's activiti integration. I have not done much configuration just the basic maven pom dependencies and the standalone app works with basic authentication that Activiti provides out of the box.


Now I need to use LDAP to pull in user details and I have to exclude Activiti's authentication and also not perform LDAP authentication. The use for LDAP is to just pull in user details and do custom authorization via some token that I am generating as the user is already authenticated at this point.

Per my understanding, Activiti taps into LDAP to store these user info into it's own tables, is that correct? If yes, how would Activiti know what set of users to store? As I do not want all users in our LDAP to be stored by default.


Please help in understanding this.