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CIFS configuration on Windows Server 2012

Question asked by bilelkaabar on Jun 1, 2017
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I have been trying for a couple weeks to configure CIFS on Alfresco. I tried on Windows 7,10 and Server 2012.
I have tried all possible solutions with no success.
- Added the config in alfesco-gloabl-properties

- Created new rules in firewall to block the port 445 and allow 137,138,139 (as indicated in alfresco documentaion)

- Added in the registry the key SMBDeviceEnabled and set it to '0'
- Config Lan Manager in local policies to use NTLMv1 and v2 if negociated.

- I deactivated File and Printer Sharing in the Windows Server.

For God sake nothing has given a result.

My objectif is to get it to work on the Windows server. 
One of the problems I am seeing is the port 445 is still actif (The system is listening on that port). Adding the key SMBDeviceEnabled seems not to give effect.

Does anyone have any idea?? What I may be missing?