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Smart Folder: Search for documents

Question asked by naderm on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by cesarista

I'm trying to define a 'smart folder template' to search for documents, but it doesn't work as expected. My target objective is to search documents by their properties, but I started with very simple criteria to retrieve/hit all documents. Here is my folder structure



- folder-11 (containing pdf files)

- folder-12 (containing pdf files)


- search-folder: (smart-folder)


Here is the content of my JSON file: 

  "name": "Zoek Betaald Facturen",
  "nodes": [{
       "id": "1",
       "name": "PDF Documents",
       "search": {
       "language": "fts-alfresco",
       "query": "=cm:content.mimetype:application/pdf"


The template finds only one file: docLib, that comes with Alfresco, and its type is image/png. I've also tried to use some of the search criteria from 'smartFolderExample.json' file with the same result. I appreciate any help to resolve the issue.