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Activiti 1.5 and Springboot external application

Question asked by alfresco_one on Jun 12, 2017
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I have tomcat where I have deployed activiti-app.war, activiti-admin.war and activiti-rest.war. I am developing standalone Springboot application that will talk to my activiti-app.war (on other tomact). I need help in below things!


  1. How can I login to my activiti-app which is running on tomcat A from my Springboot app which is running on server B? What rest URL I need to use in order to login to activiti-app from external application?
  2.  Is there any way to print the list of all the rest URLs of activiti-app. Just like we do for Alfresco localhost:8080/services/index. When I do localhost:8080/activiti-app/api, it provides username and password and when I provide it it shows StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  3. As I deployed my activiti-app.war on a separate tomact, do I need to add activiti-engine dependency in my Springboot app which is the external app talks to activiti-app?


Thank you in advance!