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Moving folders with default user permissions

Question asked by ksawant005 on Jun 12, 2017
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I have created a site and added new members in different groups. 

I have created a folder Sales and inside Sales there are sub-folders with respective user names.

I want only the person who creates the sub-folder should access it. E.g. If Greg creates the folder then only he should be able to view it and not any one else. Same goes with Maria, only she should be able to view her own content.

I am able to do this.


Now I want to move the sub-folders to another folder (purchase).

1. I want to apply the permissions by default when the sub-folder is made by the users. (e.g. Greg gets his permissions to the sub-folder by default )

2. When the sub-folder is moved to another folder(purchase), the user roles and folder permissions should also move with the sub-folder. (e.g. Greg created the sub-folder, his user permissions should also move with the sub-folder to another folder(purchase), where only he is able to view/access it)


This should be constant through out the process till the process end.


Also I do not want to code in this. How can I do this without coding ??