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Not able to get attached document in workflow task consistently

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2017
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I am using Alfresco Community 5.1.0 and observing a strange behavior in alfresco workflow task. When I open a task to complete which contains attached document as packageItems. I am not able to see that document instead I am seeing a Select button. But when I refresh a page, I am able to see attached document. After carefully observing this behavior I found that, the task edit page is getting rendered first then packageItems which contains attached is rendered. I am not sure whether this is a cause for not getting documents in packageItems or it is occurring because of any other reason. It would be appreciable any would help me in solving this problem.

I am attaching two screenshots which would help to understand this problem better

1:- Not found document in task

2:- Able to see document after refreshing the page