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Bulk import - how to import node of custom type

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2017
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Hello I'm using Bulk Import tool to import data from another DMS, but I have problems to do it correctly.

e.g. I need to import record of Invoice type, I prepared this import file:

<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">


<comment>Record: INV-13579</comment>

<entry key="aspects">cm:versionable</entry>

<entry key="type">cm:content</entry>

<entry key="cm:title">INV-13579</entry>

<entry key="cm:publisher">import</entry>

<entry key="cm:identifier">INV-13579</entry>

<entry key="cm:created">2017-06-12</entry>

<entry key="cm:subject">INV-13579</entry>

<entry key="cm:description">INV-13579 description</entry>

<entry key="cm:contributor">import</entry>

<entry key="cm:author">import</entry>


<entry key="cm:type">Invoice</entry>

<entry key="Invoice:Contractor">ABC</entry>

<entry key="Invoice:Summ">123</entry>



CM type metadata are imported correctly, but my custom Invoice metadata not, I tried few ways to do it, but I wasnt successful. Where is a problem?