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Why isn't the breadcrumb navigation working?

Question asked by gerrit74 on Jun 13, 2017

Hi there,

we've got a Alfresco community 5.2 installation with several sites. We used the bulk-importer to load a bunch of folders and files. We also made use of smartfolders to present the data in a useful manner. Navigating trough the structure using the tree in the library works fine, but if we click on the last item in the breadcrumb, Alfresco complains that the document wasn't part of the site. After some time we are being redirected to the data dictionary ... where the flat, imported structure, resides.

I had a look at the logs, but couldn't find anything related to those events. I should mention that the structure we've created with the smartfolders is deeper then two items. The Breadcrumb navigation is working till element 2, after that, beginning with element 3 - no fun.Importfolder structure and folder structure of site - sf are orange

I've searched the web up and down, but I couldn't find anything useful so far. 


Does anybody know why this is happening?


Cheers Gerrit