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What's the best way to progress a stuck flow?

Question asked by cwhite99 on Jun 17, 2017
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I'm using the free version of Activiti 5.20.0 embedded into my Java application running on Wildfly 10. It's sharing the same database as my application. 

At the moment I'm just creating the workflows in bpmn format within intellij (using the XML).


I have a few instances of a workflow in a live system that are stuck and I'm looking for the best way to progress them. For some strange reason the java delegate that was supposed to fire after a timer didn't actually happen and there are no active tasks. It happened  when there were a lot of concurrent requests and I think the root cause can be fixed by upgrading to Activiti 5.22, I have tests that suggest that is the case. This problem isn't my main concern, fixing the broken processes is.


I haven't used Activiti Explorer but would this be a suitable way to interrogate the state of the processes and force a step to happen again or move the process forward? I've been told only the paid-for enterprise edition has these features. I'm not quite sure how this would connect to an embedded instance inside my app.


The alternative plan is to just add in a couple of additional rest end points to the application to allow for this and run some curl commands to push them on.


Any advice would be much appreciated.