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New to Alfresco, how to connect with Odoo? for document management purposes.

Question asked by dan18fan on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by dan18fan

Hello good morning everyone, I'm new to Alfresco, I installed the content version of Alfresco in my enterprise's local server, but we decided the Community version was better for our needs. The thing is we want to get Alfresco and Odoo working together, I've read some threads about CMIS and DMS, and I don't really understand the meaning of those protocols and how they work... is there an easy way to connect Odoo with Alfresco for Document management? for example for what my boss said he wants that any document thats been created in the enterprise can be uploaded in any of Odoo's apps lets say.. "Sales" then that document can be sent directly to alfresco's repository automatically so the employees can manage it and work with them.


Sorry if I am not very specific in my context.