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CMIS connection issue

Question asked by dcparham on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by dcparham

our application uses CMIS/Alfresco. i am not very familiar, but we have a server related to it. *not sure* if a power outage is related to the fact that we this error; but when we normally post information that is populated by our sql data[a table field populates a textarea/text editor] - instead we get the error above: "CMIS connection issue". that verbiage comes from a file that instantiates connection with CMIS, here is the related code:


//Check cmis service connect or not
$client = new CMISService($repo_url, $repo_username, $repo_password);
}catch (Exception $ec) {
echo "CMIS connection issue";
echo "<br >\n" ;
echo $ec->getMessage() ;


the CMISService parms have not changed, and they appear to be proper values. i even tried "admin", and "root" as "repo_username" in addition to the defined username.

Ideas on what we can check?