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Activiti 6 UI customization

Question asked by mdtabrezmca on Jun 22, 2017
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     As activit 6 is here so there is much more changes in the UI as activit 6 uses angular 1 UI So regarding this i have following things if some one can help me out doing the following things.


1. Activit 6 has a new Form builder. So if i want to customize the Form builder (Ex: add new form element like data grid) how can i achieve this.Is there any documentation for customizing Form Builder and UI of Activiti 6.I also wants to customize the look and feel of processes and task lists. how can i do this any documentation is available.


2. How can i include form validation rules in the current form builder(For example textbox should only accept age>18).


3. How can i embed a static list of data which from any existing process data(Ex: if ihave created process p1 and enterd some data p1 data should be able to merge in to the form).


4.How can i call REST API of Other applications(Ex: if i have created listbox for this list box i want data to be populated from external source).