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Using Document templates - chaning file name during document creation based on a template file

Question asked by zputnoky on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by zputnoky

Dear All,

Trying to create a set of department wide (or process related) templates to make sure that our docs are unified and we can use Alfresco features as much as possible.

Created a WORD file and uploaded into to ./repository/data dictionary/node templates. Then used the create document from a model option and selected the template.


The problem I have with this function is this: the document is created with the same file name and extension as the one of the template. When the user is modifying the template - updating some of the information, mostly codes - Alfresco creates a new version of the document. The modification is done via Alfresco and MS Office.

However when the user is changing the file name - as he/she should do, Alfresco is creating a new document and keeps the 1st file as well. The user shall go back to the folder, look for the file with the same name as the template and delete it.


Is there a way to change the file name when the file is created from the template? keeping only the formatting and content of the template file


What is the best way if we need to create hundreds of documents?


Thanks alot,


Zsolt Putnoky