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Query regarding using the Alfresco amp alfresco_http_activiti_client for triggering the APS processes

Question asked by paiyyavj13 on Jun 27, 2017
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I am trying to use the amp: alfresco_http_activiti_client available in the git link: GitHub - rjmfernandes/alfresco_http_activiti_client , for triggering an Alfresco Process Services workflow from ACS via a script triggered by a rule.


I am using ACS 5.2, APS 1.6.2 Enterprise versions.

Below is my javascript which uses the "activiti" Root object from the above module:

//test script for http_activiti_client

var obj=eval('({"name":"test process"})');
activiti.startProcess("CustomAdhoc","Custom Adhoc Test Process",obj);


where: CustomAdhoc is my APS process name.

I am testing the module so I am not attaching the document and calling the startDocumentProcess method, instead am calling the startProcess method.


The error I get in logs is NullPointerException, I debugged and I believe that the ACS application is not able to search and retrieve the ProcessDefinition with the processName supplied, in my case: CustomAdhoc.


Is there any config change that is needed on APS ? Any pointers would help... Thank you...