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Access physical location of a document

Question asked by peterk on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by peterk

Hey everybody,


we aim to use Alfresco as much as we can only via CIFS. We want to make the user assign certain document properties only via putting it into the appropriate smart folder. And of course, a document should be allowed to appear on multiple locations all over the share.


I recognized, that unfortunately in alfresco I cannot remove a file from a smart folder.

And the user cannot see in CIFS, whether he is on a smart folder or a physical folder. (And it shouldn't make a difference to him.)


But now, when he tries to delete a file from a (smart) folder, he is suddenly confronted with a "not allowed" without knowing why. I would wish, that the file gets deleted from the physical location then, whereever that may be.


And, further on: Even if he goes to the webclient: Still he is in the smart folder, cannot delete the file there, and has no information at all, where the file really resides. He is in a dead end.


I'm really disappointed, that such a simple and common use case is not accounted for.


So, my question: How Do You / Your users deal with that problem?

How can a user delete a file that he found in a smart folder? Or how can he find the physical location? Du You use any extension/modification in alfresco? Or did I miss something?