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Field content with new line break

Question asked by pat9rv3sousa on Jun 28, 2017

Hi. I'm filling a field created like this:


<field id="my:nameAnswer" set="other1" help="something" mandatory="true">
<control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/textarea.ftl">

<control-param name="saveLineBreaks">true</control-param>

I'm getting the content with: 

comment = document.getElementById("page_x002e_data-form_x002e_task-edit_x0023_default_prop_my_nameAnswer").value;

and I want to extract the text of the textarea for a file... And I'm doing this. However, if I put a line break (a new line) in the textarea on Alfresco, for example:


"test test


I get in the output

"test testtest1"

without line break.


How can I do this?