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how  install formtek pdf rendering add-on ?

Question asked by nicolas.loyce on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by nicolas.loyce


I'm trying to install formtek pdf rendering add-on but I broke my teeth on it ! 

I followed exactly the step by step installation pdf but it seems to not work 


1] I've tried to import 2 files, one in dxf and the other one in dwg 

the render is not working and I don't remember if it was there before but there is a button on the right that permit to download pdf rendition, plus there is a new tab "formtek" that just give the logo and the version on click

so I think that the plugin is properly installed but there is no rendering, on clickin on the download button, there is a message : Couldn't render PDF Rendition. PDF conversion many have timed out -- try again.


2] I don't have any access like in the doc to the formtek section in the admin console 


-> have you any clue to resolve this problem ?