The status of Alfresco Community Edition 201706

Discussion created by resplin on Jun 29, 2017

It is the end of June, and we need to provide an update on the monthly release of Alfresco Community Edition.


We previously communicated our intention to provide a final GA release of Alfresco Community Edition off of the 5.2 code line before moving on to new feature development. We are in the process of upgrading our engineering and build tooling, including moving from SVN to Git. Our plan was to complete that effort and produce this final GA release using the new systems. In order to give us enough time to complete the project, we skipped the May release and planned to ship the June release later in the month than usual.


As often is the case, our tooling work has taken longer than planned. We are now using the new systems internally[1], and we built the release. But our testing found a blocking issue that we need to address before shipping.


Our current plan is for the July release to be our last 5.2 GA release. The intended set of features is unchanged from the draft release notes[2]. We will kick off a series of EA releases in August. We do not yet know if we will resume our traditional mid-month cadence or if we will be able to publish the July release early. The team is anxious to finish this release and unfreeze our main code lines so they can merge in new development, but the release of Alfresco Community Edition needs to slot alongside other release commitments (such as the Alfresco Content Services 5.2.1 service pack).


This delay seems reasonable because our last few releases have been solid and people don't seem to be blocked waiting for a new release. But we have a number of nice improvements to share and we don't want to delay distribution any more than is necessary.


If you have questions or comments, please post in the discussion below.


-- Richard Esplin

Product Manager, Alfresco


[1] We are no longer using SVN for development, but we have not yet published public Git repositories. The team intends to share a blog post soon explaining the current status and providing additional details.


[2] DRAFT Alfresco Community Edition 201706 GA Release DRAFT