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Overriding Identity management in activiti 6

Question asked by sherinbennet on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by ryandawson

I'm using activiti community version 6. I made activiti-app to point to same Postgres database where my Django web application is also pointing to. I wanted to use custom Users and groups which my web-application creates instead of act_id_user and act_id_group. I searched and found out that for my use-case I need to implement session factory interface and extend UserEntityManager and GroupEntityManager and register the custom session factories in a configuration file.

But I couldn't find applicationContext.xml file in the activiti-app.war other than web.xml and jboss-deployment-structure.xml files.

Please forgive if this was a very basic question. I need to have common authentication for my web-application and activiti-app. Also, I need to access some of the models (tables) created in my django application in activiti-app. Is it possible in activiti-app community version or should i move to enterprise version. I don't want to use LDAP or SSO authentication mechanism


Please suggest some guidance or tutorial according to this version. 

Thanks a lot