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Can we move Alfresco installation to other location

Question asked by romil.jhalani on Jul 11, 2017
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I have Alfresco installed on a FileSystem which is having less available space (~6 GB) being unaware initially. Later, we have got some space allocated, and we moved the alf_data to some newly provisioned FileSystem with available space of 200GB.


Now, sometimes we are facing issues when alfresco (or tomcat) logs is choking up the 6GB filesystem.

My ask,

1. can we move alfresco installation drive from one a drive which is '/opi/alfresco' (6GB) to '/alfresco' (200GB)?

2. If yes, what is the process of doing it and what changes I need to do e.g in configuration or properties changes for this relocation.

3. Is there any impact in doing this because this is a produciton instance.


Please suggest.

Thank you.