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Activiti thread limit?

Question asked by avirankatz on Jul 11, 2017


I'm trying to start many process instances (~100) of the same process definition. The process definition has a start event, a service task which calls a batch script (using ShellActivityBehavior), which prints a start message, sleeps for one minute, and prints and end message.

The problem is that as the amount of process instances increases, each one of them takes more time to complete as shown below:

I tried 3 different configurations for the service task:

  1. Async = true
  2. Async = false
  3. Async = false, wait = false (class field)

This happens whether the Async checkbox is checked or not, but not when I set the class field wait = false.

When looking at the log of the batch file, I can see that it executes in couples (start>start>end>end; see attached file). That's why I wonder if there might be a limit of two threads, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here.

One of the process definitions is also attached.


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