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How to evaluate the visibility condition of the FieldRepresentation Object ?

Question asked by dharamjeet on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by eugenio_romano

As we define fields in Activiti form modeler we can define certain condition on it, the conditions that we define goes into visibility condition field which is like this : "visibilityCondition":{"leftFormFieldId":"radio_LABEL","leftRestResponseId":"","operator":"==","rightValue":"Approve","rightType":null,"rightFormFieldId":"","rightRestResponseId":"","nextConditionOperator":null,"nextCondition":null}}

 Using this object activiti's UI render the field. I want to know how activity evaluates this in angular(UI).

Since I want to integrate Activiti in custom application I cannot leverage activiti UI. 

Is there any way or UI source code where I can fetch the info to write in Java.