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Require 'processDefinitionId' for a Workflow inside Activiti App 1.5.0

Question asked by naveenv449 on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by naveenv449

Hi All,


I am using Enterprise Activiti 1.5.0. I want to start the workflow from other Application (Spring Boot Web App). I found the below REST call to perform the same. 


POST api/enterprise/process-instances

param: processDefinitionId


I could not find where to get the 'processDefinitionId' for my workflow from Activiti App?? 

I tried to debug it after i start the workflow from inside App using browser's Inspect Element option. I see processDefinitionId:"myNewProcess:34:222717". I see every time some number getting attached. Where can I get unique processDefinitionId to start the workflow from outside Application??

Thanks in Advance.