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Repeatedly debug messaged from X509ServletFilterBase

Question asked by mtsiak on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by mtsiak

We are trying to upgrade from 5.0 to 2017-04 edition.

Among other errors we get the above debug message:


2017-07-18 16:25:01,062  DEBUG [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [http-bio-] Enforcing X509 request
2017-07-18 16:25:01,063  DEBUG [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [http-bio-] Checking cert is valid
2017-07-18 16:25:01,063  DEBUG [scripts.servlet.X509ServletFilterBase] [http-bio-] Cert is valid


It is unstopably repeated, filling our logs. Any ideas why this happens?


Thanks in advance.