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UserTask wirth assigned Form in callActivity

Question asked by flauschi on Jul 20, 2017
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i'm new in modeling in activiti.

At the moment i'm calling an activity (with callActivity) with some in- and outgoing parameters.

The "sub-process" has an scripttask (make some REST Requests with groovy) and returns the values.

If i add a UserTasks (with assigned user and form) in this sub-process. the sub-process does not come back and the user form is also not displayed.
Just for clarification: I am using callActiviti instead of sub-process because i want reuse it.


PS: i have no access to the activiti source, only the processenginge and some groovy ist available for me.

PPS: sorry for my bad english.


I really hope, someone understand my problem (question), or my idea (userTasks in callActivity) is a really bad idea?



Thanks a lot for reading my question.