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Alfresco Activiti with Springboot

Question asked by signjoy on Jul 20, 2017
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We have Alfresco Activiti enterprise installed. I want to access the workflow from my springboot application like start a workflow, approve, reject, etc. I am using REST calls to fetch the data from Activiti.


My springboot app will not have any user database as it is completely depend on the Activiti. So once user provide username and password he/she will be authenticated against the Activiti. 


I am using the below link for login with spring RestTemplate. 



I get the response like below.

Login REST call response


Now I am not sure how to use these headers for the next call in order to get the secured REST endpoints of Activiti?


Because when I am trying to access any other endpoints, it says Authentication exception...


Please help...


Thank you....