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Missing node reference in .cfs file in spacestore or versionstore in alfresco repository

Question asked by saba on Jul 25, 2017



we are using Alfresco 3.0 lab without solr in our project. we basically generate a document in java and will save the same in alfresco repository. In last few weeks, we found that node references for some of the documents we created went missing in luecene index files(it was present before). Because of this, we couldn't search and locate the documents from java. We can't figure out what could be issue and i found in some blog that server downtime or some corruption in repository might be the cause. Now we are not facing this issue and still we couldn't locate that documents. Can anyone help us to find out what could be the issue ?

P.S. Documents are present in the content store and we have entry for the node references in alfresco database, only thing is index is missing in luecene index file.


Thanks in advance.